Ambifect® protein therapeutic platform

We invent novel therapeutics using our proprietary Ambifect® Fc-fusion platform. This versatile platform supports species-specific development, tailored interaction with the immune system, delivery of customized agents for a wide variety of diseases, and increased duration of action.

Ambifect® platform advantages

The Ambifect® platform’s versatility enables Akston’s therapeutic designers to customize how a candidate engages with its disease target and interacts with the immune system.

Therapies developed using the Ambifect® platform can be manufactured with the industry-standard techniques and equipment used for therapeutic antibody production. Promising candidates can be designed, synthesized, and tested to optimize performance in a comparatively rapid process which significantly reduces development time and cost.

Our Ambifect® platform enables pipeline expansion in therapeutic vaccines against protein targets implicated in disease and in long-duration protein drugs allowing us to produce therapeutics that address a wide variety of disease conditions in animals and humans.


A strong and durable pipeline


Discovery to therapeutics