From discovery to therapeutics

Akston Biosciences Corporation is built to bring innovative new protein therapeutics through the riskiest development phases faster, more cost-effectively, and with a higher likelihood of success.

A Versatile Platform

Akston’s Ambifect® technology gives us the versatility to create new therapeutics to address a wide variety of disease conditions and to efficiently develop and manufacture them. Our platform cuts the cost, time, and risk of developing new products by using a manufacturing platform that is well-known by the regulators, inherently scalable, and high yielding.

Our Own Manufacturing Infrastructure

Akston is vertically integrated from discovery through GMP manufacturing through deep involvement in clinical trials. We own and operate a GMP biologics factory dedicated to Animal Health to support the clinical and commercial development of Akston’s animal health therapeutics. We manage quality control and cost by owning the key manufacturing infrastructure.

Deep Partnerships

Akston is building deep partnerships around the world. We license our patents for commercialization and maintain close involvement with our partners in the development process. We are focused on the entire process – from discovery to manufacturing to therapeutics.


Akston’s unique approach speeds the time to profit and has a significant potential to transform the industry.



Ambifect® platform for all candidates


A strong and durable pipeline