With our Ambifect protein therapeutic platform, Akston has developed a once-a-week insulin therapy for dogs. This veterinary therapeutics replaces the current twice-a-day veterinary insulin treatments, providing improved quality-of-life for dogs and convenience for their human caregivers.

AKS-321d utilizes a specially-designed insulin and a modified dog Fc. This enables proper glucose control with weekly dosing and with no immune system activation.

Multiple field studies have demonstrated successful multi-month treatment of dozens of client-owned diabetic dogs.

Development status

Akston has partnered with Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC to commercialize our canine once-a-week insulin therapy, AKS-321d.

Akston provides manufacturing development, preparation of CMC regulatory documentation, and commercial manufacturing. Dechra is responsible for the pivotal safety and efficacy studies, regulatory affairs and commercial sales.

Akston addresses the high cost of candidate development and production of veterinary biologics by employing an efficient candidate selection and testing program with a production process and biologics manufacturing facility tailored to the task.

Disease and therapy

Approximately 80,000 dogs per year are diagnosed with diabetes in the United States, with a similar number in the European Union and an increasing number elsewhere.

Current therapy is twice-a-day injections. Pet caregivers often find the treatment regimen to be onerous and error-prone. A significant number of animals are euthanized within one year of diagnosis.

Akston’s veterinary insulins, with convenient once-a-week dosing, are designed to provide better glucose control and relieve the burden of daily administration.

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